Context & Information Service Platform - CISP

The Context and Information Service Platform (CISP) is a new infrastructure for collection, process and dissemination of context information, as a support for the deployment, evolution and autonomy of communication services and applications. CISP has the role of managing the context information, including its distribution to context clients / consumers. The presence of CISP functionality helps to make the interactions between the different context sources and context clients simpler and more efficient. CISP is realised by two basic context-specific functional entities, one interfacing with context clients and the other implementing the core internal operations required by the context provisioning system.


The S/W for CISP is HERE


XINA is a modular scalable architecture that enables the deployment, control and management of active sessions over virtual entities (e.g. virtual routers or servers). A proof-of-concept prototype is implemented and integrates the rest of the open source components given above. It allows the deployment of different management components that realize self management functionalities. XINA consists of an active engine and a Forwarding element, namely a router, wireless local area network (WLAN) access point, media gateway etc. The active engine consists of three main components: (1) the Diverter, (2) the Session Broker and (3) the Virtualisation Broker. In addition, any number of other brokers can run in parallel and give enhanced services to the main components through broker interfaces. Communication between XINA's modules is carried out through UDP transactions or TCP connections.


The S/W for XINA is HERE